Wow There Was a Time When I Never Thought I would See the Day

When the Jets left in ’96, I said to anyone who would listen – “they’re never coming back”. I was depressed, like a death in the family, etc etc.

Well … May 31st, 2011 happened. Mark Chipman happened. The Thrashers happened.

And now I launch this blog. Hoping to keep it going forever without anymore “Save Our Polar Bears” campaigns in our future.

I just want to put this out there now so it’s on the record. I’ve heard some people, lotsa people, saying they are not going to support my Polar Bears if they are not named the Jets. I sympathize with your stupidity. I want the name to be the Jets. It should be the Jets. But it won’t be the Jets. So get on board the Polar Bear Express right now … unless you are not a hockey fan. And if you do not get on the Polar Bear Express now, and respond when your DJ asks if you want to go faster, then move to Atlanta with all the other non-hockey fans, and pine for the return of the Thrashers.

Go Jets Go.


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