Mission accomplished. Now name the team and draft a franchise centreman, future hall of famer, future Conn Smythe trophy winner and lets win this thing.  Are we too late to win this year’s Cup?


2 Responses to “LUCKY 13 – DRIVE THIS, BETTMAN”

  1. Adam Craig Says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind having the Jets back. Since the Goverment of Canada purchased these new fancy F-35’s Strike Fighters put them on any of the new/old style Jerseys no lettering just a picture of the F-35 Strike Fighter Jet!!! Woooooooo!!! Winnipeg would have the Hottest NHL JERSEY’S!!!

  2. Adam Craig Says:

    However if indeed we are starting fresh i love Polar Bears and makes sense with a 45 million Renovation for the Polar Bears at the Assiniboine Zoo. Scientific name for Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus) means any of following “Sea Bear” “Arctic Bears” “Ice Bear” “White Bear” So there you have it!!! “Manitoba Sea Bears” “Manitoba Arctic Bears” “Manitoba Ice Bears” “Manitoba Snow Bears” “Manitoba Polar Bears” “Manitoba Glacier Bears” “Manitoba Blizzard Bears” “Manitoba White Bears” “Manitoba Bears” Polar Bears are threatned under Endangered Species let try and help somehow Incorp a foundation for the Polar Bears? Imagine the “Whiteout” at MTS with Monster size Image of a Polar Bear Growling, Roaring , Snarling as it ECHO’S all over the arena!!! 😉

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